How It Works

        ● Sign up and register with your PayPal account here.

        ● Spread the word about our products.

        ● Earn money from orders made through your custom link.

        ● The more you refer, the higher % you earn.

        ● Ranges from 5% - 20% commission, paid via PayPal.

        ● Rate increases waterfall into lower tiers already hit, maximizing your return.

        ● Tiers reset the first of each month.

        ● The average order value for www.tenikle.com is $34

        ● Based on a $34 AOV, here are the estimated possible monthly earnings per tier:

     o Bronze: Approx $85 USD max

     o Silver: Approx $680 USD max

     o Gold: Approx $2550 max

     o Platinum: Approx $3406+ minimum



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Fine Print:
Commission percentage rates are determined by the quantity of referral orders made on tenikle.com through your custom referral
link within each month. The 1st of every month at 12:00 am PST, the referral order count restores to 0 and commission percentage
restores to its lowest rate. To increase your commission rate, enough purchases must be made through your custom referral link to
obtain the percentage rate of the next commission tier. Commission tiers start at 5% and pay up to 20% commission of revenue
earned. Commission rates are subject to change by a 30 day notice emailed to the email address registered to the account.
Tenikle will automatically adjust commission tiers based on number of orders. Should there be any issues in the automatic
adjustment of tiers it is the responsibility of the affiliate to inform Tenikle via an email to affiliates@tenikle.com. Commission
payments will be paid monthly via PayPal 30 days following the end of the monthly cycle. May take 5-10 business days to reflect
on your account. Commission payments are made in USD. Fees and exchange rates may apply and are paid by the registered
affiliate account holder. Although Tenikle encourages the use of our images, logos and trademarks shown on tenikle.com, we
reserve the right to request the removal of said works. Registered affiliates agree to not engage in slanderous, defamatory,
disparaging, libelous, pejorative, false, mis-representative works by way of video, images, text, speech or audio towards Tenikle,
LLC, its partners & affiliates or its products. Tenikle, LLC is not liable for any financial losses or expenses paid by an affiliate on
behalf of Tenikle, LLC. Tenikle, LLC has no entity relation to any registered affiliate. For affiliates located in the United States of
America: In the event that an affiliate accrues over $600 in commissions on an annual basis they may be required to submit either
their social security number or a W-9 for the purpose of issuing a 1099-Misc.