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Love the adaptability, universal use

Easy to Use

Its flexibility lets you move and adjust it in many different ways.

Colorful and practical.

I needed something to hold my phone on my car's windshield and my iPad on the back of my headrest for my kids to watch movies on road trips. The 9067971707188 has been perfect for both.

Easy Phone and GoPro Mount

The Shutterbug makes taking photos super easy. I use it a lot to quickly snap pics at the gym.

Colorful palette.

The 9067971707188 is a very simple product with so many possibilities to use! I mostly use it as a car mount for navigation and in bed to hold my phone higher so it's much more comfortable to look at the phone. You guys took an already existing product, the tripod, and made it unique with suction cups. So can sanction it to many surfaces. It's also very durable, I think it's almost impossible to destroy it. But also the most boring thing about a product was made cool: the manual (or booklet). There were all backers listed and the possibilities too.

Flexible, durable

Great concept and love that it's a concept derived from nature. I also really love the simplicity. It's a helluva conversation piece too! How do I get another!!!

Super flexible software!

The flexibility of the arms are nice

Hard to stick

Convenient to place wherever

Large suction cups

Flexibility, quality, how amazing it is

Versatile tech stand

It's a great wall mount for my phone and tablet. A wonderful tripod for my camera. Innovative and cool looking

Tenikle® PRO - Bundle Offers
Absolutely Fantastic!

It's incredible how often I use my Tenikle, from holding my phone in the car, to holding my surface pro tablet on the airplane to watch movies, or in the kitchen to follow recipes. It's awesome for our Gopro, priceless pics & videos, thanks to Tenikle!! (Use a leash on it for watersports)

Tenikle® 360°

I absolutely LOVE my impulse purchase of the “Tenikle”!! I’ve recently had surgery on both of my hands- this device has definitely helped with holding my phone making it easier for me. I’m telling everyone to buy one or two!!

I’ve also used it in my vehicle as a phone holder. Ty is is by far the best phone holder I’ve ever used/had!

Tenikle® 360° - Bundle Deals
Phillip Blume
Best small tripod for creating content!

We love the tenikle! It gets a lot of strange looks and questions from folks with inferior tripods. 😆 But mostly it just helps us, as photographers and traveling content creators at The Blumes, to get the job done more easily!

Tenikle® 360° - Bundle Deals
Quite different from avg holders

I like that the Tenikle comes in different colors. I didn’t realize it would come with the camera mount as well. I just thought I’d be suctioning my camera to it (which can be done as well.) My main reason for purchasing the Tenikle was for use in the car when I use my phone’s GPS. I needed something to hold my phone up higher than in my tissue box between the two front seats. Be aware that you can only use the suction cups on non-porous surfaces. So, the car’s dashboard top is out for me. Perhaps on the radio?

Tenikle® 360° + Bluetooth Shutter (Squid Squad Exclusive)
Valrie Chang
A must have for all

This product is very useful esp for those who love capturing moments and sometimes don’t want stop a stranger to take a photo. It’s great tripod and very unique at. Sticking to many smooth surfaces.

Tenikle® 360° BOGO
Silvana Ancona
Love it !

Can’t live without my Tenikle . I bought fir myself but all my clients and friends see it and want it as well . So I am always buying more . It’s the most versatile discreet mount ever . I also found out is great for people in wheelchairs to hold their phone in a more adaptable way ! Everyday I find new uses . Thank you !

Tenikle® 360° for $25
Russell Cordle
Really versatile and fun-to-use gadget!!

Tenikle is a really fun, versatile gadget for taking hands free vids and pics! Tenikle gives you some really cool options for setting up your phone to capture really cool shots that would be otherwise very difficult. The add-on remote device is also an awesome addtion allowing you to take pics without havingt the phone in your hand!! I'm giving these as gifts!!

Tenikle® 360°
Lacey Carvin

I am a recent stroke survivor who is in the baby stages of growing my home business. I do a LOT of videos / pictures/ reels/ etc and have gone thru WAY TO MANY ring light mounts! I’m not as coordinated as I used to be (thank you strokes 🤪) and I sometimes have to take video and pictures in places where I don’t have a mount and I take my phone EVERYWHERE!! The Tenikle is super easy for me to use & WORKS!!! The ONLY negative is that they were sold out of the teal color (my favorite color) and I had to opt for a red!! I arrived very quickly, in a really cute box with easy instructions & SOOO EASY to use! LOVE IT!! Just need the teal one now!!

Flexible versatility

So many uses

Suction cup works great!

It sticks to surfaces really well and keeps stuff in place really great. That's a cool feature!

Hands-free convenience

Useful. Practical. Fun.

Cool, durable phone holder, love it!

This product can be used in so many different ways.

Adjustable camera stand.

Does not stick


One thing that makes this product great is how easy it is to take with you and use in different ways. It's small and easy to store, so you can bring it anywhere. Plus, it can be used for all sorts of tasks. This product is a must-have for anyone who wants something convenient and versatile.

Simple and effective choice

It's versatile in use.