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$ 34.00 USD


$ 34.00 USD
Add the Shutterbug Kit for a remote shutter and tripod clip $15


  • Car Mount
  • Selfie Stick
  • Tripod
  • Stand
  • Camera Grip
  • & More

      “Don’t worry about the size of your devices - the suction cups on this puppy can hold up to 8 pounds each. It’s legitimately stronger than me."



      "I love how versatile Tenikle is! I take it everywhere because it fits in my pocket rolled up —and whenever I need a quick photo, it's so easy to set up."

      -Aubree, Tenikle User


      "I use it all the time for my iPad Pro or filming time-lapses in the workshop."

      -Michael, Tenikle User


       • 100% Made in USA
       • 1/4-20” universal thread
       • Patented function and design
       • Supports up to 8 lbs
       • Super durable
       • Waterproof

      Tenikle is designed to solve a problem we all face: sometimes we need a third hand

      People spend so much money on various mounting products for different scenarios. Like car mounts, selfie sticks, tripods, stands, bike mounts, tablet stands and more. But that's way too much stuff

      We created Tenikle to be one product that can do it all. You can wrap, bend, stick, stand, hang, mount, and affix your tech anywhere. With endless possibilities, you're the inventor!