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Triple Threat Deal

$ 85.00 USD
Triple Threat Deal

Triple Threat Deal

$ 85.00 USD

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Like duct tape — but without all the tape.

Normally, inventions that are useful are as boring as a bean and only do one thing. All those crappy tripods, dumb car mounts, or goofy selfie-sticks wind up in a landfill because they're so cumbersome and easily breakable that they didn't even get used. 
Now you can do much more, with much less. Also, you won't look like a total dunce when you whip out your Tenikle. Leave that to the goofballs that still use the plastic-y junk.

We patented octopus & starfish — Can we even do that?

No, we're not going to sue an invertebrate, but our friends in the sea were our inspiration. We were impressed at how they manage to hold tightly to any object. Their clever design is what helped make Tenikle so versatile and hopefully reduce all the junk piling into our little friend's home, the Ocean.
The Tenikle is a win-win for everyone.

America's favorite mount — just got mounty-er.

Instead of forcing you to survive a powerpoint presentation on how radical the new Tenikle Model Y is, here's all you need to know: it's just plain better.

The new Tenikle Model Y sticks better, to more stuff, and for longer than anything else. Unless of course, we're talking mollusks.


Car Mount | Selfie Stick | Tripod | Stand | Camera Grip | & More

        “Don’t worry about the size of your devices - the suction cups on this puppy can hold up to 14 pounds. It’s legitimately stronger than me."

        -Mashable (yes, that Mashable)

        "I love how versatile Tenikle is! I take it everywhere because it fits in my pocket rolled up —and whenever I need a quick photo, it's so easy to set up."

        -Aubree, from San Diego

        "I use it all the time for my iPad Pro or filming time-lapses in the workshop."

        -Michael, from Brooklyn