Explore new angles with the 360° flexible arm & an upgraded internal core with 2.8x more rigidity.


    Bend your Tenikle PRO as you wish wrapping it around anything and mounting on any surface.


    The suction on Tenikle PRO’s silicone cups is crazy strong - your devices will never fall and crack.


    We designed Tenikle PRO to hold over 100x its weight - up to 42 lbs - to reliably hold your devices.

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  • Phone cases that are free of stickers, seams, and textures will work fine with Tenikle ® PRO°.

    For other cases such as the ones below, you might want to purchase our Dot Adapters to make it compatible with your phone case. Or you can use the phone clip included with each Tenikle PRO .

    • Otterbox
    • Leather
    • Fabric
    • Has perforations or grooves
  • Tenikle PRO can suction to any smooth, non-porous, and non-textured surface, including:

    • Glass
    • Porcelain
    • Fiberglass
    • Smooth, gloss-painted wood or drywall
    • Metal surfaces
    • Plastic surfaces

    Tenikle ® PRO° cannot stick to uneven, rough, or textured surfaces, such as:

    • Dashboards
    • Leather
    • Concrete
    • Textured walls
  • We provide returns of exchanges within 90 days of purchase.

  • Tenikle ® is virtually indestructible, but we offer a free 1-year warranty. If something happens to your Tenikle PRO after 3 years, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to help.

  • We accept all major credit cards and major digital payment platforms.


“Super versatile phone mount! Been finding use for this all the time. Highly recommend!!”

-Donna B., Michigan

“Been using my Tenikle for a short while and it's already becoming a daily accessory for me! The packaging is super nice and made the unboxing experience extra special (gotta love a good unboxing!). Also, the Tenikle is SO DURABLE! I've been bending and twisting it every which way. It's so versatile and I've been sticking it almost anywhere I can! For instance, I have it on my cupboard while I do the dishes so I can continue watching my shows on my phone. I even just have my Tenikle on a table so my phone can stay balanced so I don't have to hold it. It frees up your hands for daily tasks! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

-Jenkins O., Ohio

1 star to 5 star. Tenikle customer service is amazing! It's was missing the piece that actually holds your phone.. after emailing tenikle they shipped the missing pieces right away no questions asked. I definitely love this holder. It's the best I've used so far.. Thank you for making this right.

-Brittany Keys, Colorado

“This has to be the coolest phone mount I’ve had & used. literally lets you mount and hang your phone anywhere. I use it primarily to watch youtube at dinner, watch shows while I shower ( i just stick to the shower tile with suction cups), to follow recipes when making a new dish and during driving for maps. It’s also super easy to fold up and throw it in your bag to take with you. Also legs seems like high quality silicone so you can wash it if you spill anything on it or stain it. highly recommend”

-Hank G., Maryland

“I never leave reviews but had to for this item. I saw this on Shark Tank and ordered a few for gifts. It is so awesome that I am keeping one for myself. The perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for. I have only had for 2 days but have already used in the car, at work, while making dinner. It hooks and sticks to everything I have wanted it to so far. Completely Awesome!”

-Rachel W., Utah

“The Zippy does exactly what it says it does—charges SUUUUUPER fast!! I would even say it charges... in a “zippy!” LOL. But seriously. This is the bestcharger. I can charge my phone and laptop while taking over one outlet.”

-Nathan P., Sacramento, CA

“This is insanely clever. It's really strong, holds the position well, and is perfect for mounting devices at the exact angle you want it to. This is ideal for TikTokers or anyone else who loves to take videos or photos, as well as for really ordinary uses like propping your phone on your desk. It works with almost anything: you can put a device in the little holder, or you can wrap two legs around something and use the third leg to suction onto whatever you want to hold. As long as the suction cup can get a grip, it can hold it. The wires of the legs are stiff to bend, but that's the point: they stay where you want them to. It's not too hard for anyone to bend. Having seen this phone mount, I immediately can think of about 5 people who would love this as a gift. It's a versatile, clever product: very smart, and would make a great gift. The only issue is the cost, but WOW this is a good product.”

-Frank White, St. Paul MN

“I’ve been using the product for about 6 months now, primarily at the gym. It’s easy to attach my iPhone and easy to adjust the tentacles to fit all cardio equipment I use.”

-Yvonne B., Idaho

“Does way more than what I could ever ask for. I'm shocked by its versatility and practicality. I just needed something for my camera and phone but then all these ideas started hitting me on how I can use it. Now, I just bring it with me wherever I go!”

-C. Shaw, Eldersburg MD

“I needed a way to mount my phone on my Gazelle while I used it. The tenikle wraps around great - and stays in place.”

-Nick Weaver, Carlsbad, CA

“This lets me take my vlog to another level! this cute little gadget sticks to everything. It’s like an octopus. I always at least eight selfie sticks +4 selfie tripods and this little thing here blows them all away! I can get my shots from different angles at different locations and don’t have to worry about trying to set up a long tripod. This was the best invention ever!!!!! GET THIS NOW!! It will change your life!”

-Andrea Little, New York NY

“As someone who is very active on Tiktok and looking for unusual angles and shots, I can tell you that this is a very cool and unique product that can take your phone camera work to the next level.It’s a genius design featuring a silicon base that is easily bendable and includes suction cups. You can bend it, mount it to objects various ways, and use it to get those hard to reach and interesting shots. Check out the photos in the description to see its versatility. Highly recommended!”

-Jonathan Bennet, Miami FL