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⚠️ UPDATE: due to viral demand following their Shark Tank deal Tenikle PRO is sold out across retail stores nationwide. However, they may still be available here on their official website>>

This Viral Gadget Upgrade For Content Creators And Influencers Has Sold Out Everywhere

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July 21, 2024

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If you love to create content you know that your camera angle is critical.

But getting the perfect angle can be tricky… sometimes downright impossible. Not to mention dangerous for your tech. You’d never want your $1,000+ phone or Ipad to fall and get smashed.

More often than not you have no way to keep your device stable, safe, and exactly where you wish your camera could be to capture your content.

However, that all changed with the invention of the Tenikle PRO !

What Is It?

Meet The Tenikle PRO!

The founder of the Tenikle, Hans Dose, came up with the simple genius idea after he broke his phone on some rocks after trying to prop it up on a tree for a picture.

On the way home, he had an epiphany when he put his phone on a suction cup-mounted phone holder in his car.

Hans went on to pitch the Tenikle on America’s favorite investor show, landed a partnership with “The People’s Shark” Daymond John, and ever since Tenikle’s have been flying off retail shelves.

The Tenikle PRO is the most versatile device tripod. You can capture content from angles never before possible, or view your devices nearly anywhere.

Not only can The Tenikle PRO be a tripod, but it can also wrap around objects (like bike handlebars) with an even sleeker low profile than all the popular flexible tripods.

The Tenikle PRO’s most defining feature is its octopus tentacle-strong suction cups.

These highly-engineered silicone cups let you mount the Tenikle PRO on nearly any smooth surface with shocking sticking power.

You can mount phones and even Ipads nearly anywhere around your home. In the kitchen… In the bathroom… in your exercise room…

Now you can see recipes, watch your favorite shows, or follow exercises… hands-free!

Compared to all other flexible device tripods, the Tenikle PRO is the most sensible choice.

What Makes The Tenikle PRO The #1 Device Tripod In America?

Trendy, sleek, and 100X more versatile!

The Tenikle PRO stands, wraps around, or sticks to smooth surfaces to allow you to watch or capture with your device.

And if you can catch it in stock you can get a FREE one with purchase… cheaper than a pair of pants from Target.

Imagine… sticking your phone to the wall while you enjoy a bath and watch the latest episode of your favorite show.

Imagine… wrapping your phone securely around your bike handlebar to hold your phone and have a city securely map at your fingertips.

Imagine… mounting your Ipad near your cooking space in your kitchen to follow a recipe hands-free.

Imagine… sticking your phone to your bathroom mirror to side-by-side follow makeup tutorials.

Unlike other tripods, the Tenikle PRO can mount like glue to smooth services. As well as wrap around objects with greater grip.

Tenikle PRO sells out daily! Here's your chance to get one.

The Tenikle PRO may only be available on this page depending on stock. Please check ASAP.

Check availability now!>>

Tenikle PRO allows you to enjoy and capture content better.

Oh and did we mention its “quick clip” & 360° features?

Yeah, many popular flexible tripods have clunky screw clasps to hold your device. Not the Tenikle. This slick guy sports a super strong quick clip that can grab any size phone or small device and holds it tight no matter where you mount your Tenikle.

Not only that - but the latest iteration of the Tenikle, the Tenikle PRO has a full three hundred and sixty degree rotation AND vertical tilting… all quickly adjustable.

How Does The Tenikle PRO Work?

As long as you have a phone, then you can begin to enjoy how cool and useful the Tenikle PRO is in no-time!

The Tenikle PRO was built to be easy to use, keep your device safe, and give you the most versatile content creation and watching potential possible...

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Toss out your chunky clunky boring phone tripod…

Step 2: Open your well-packaged Tenikle PRO… they even put care into packing it tight.

Step 3: Run around your house finding the hundreds of places you can stick it to. Have a ball with the suction cups. They’re shockingly strong (holds OVER 30 POUNDS!!!) and are super fun to pop on and off surfaces.

Step 4: Try out all the devices that fit into Tenikle’s quick-clip.

Step 5: START RECORDING AND WATCHING from the wackiest and best angles you can find!

Where Can You Use The Tenikle PRO?

The Tenikle PRO is perfect for...

Content Creation
​Working Out
​Offices and cubicles
Workshop spaces
​Sticking A Second Phone Screen Next To Your Laptop
Neighboring A Pineapple Under the Sea...
An Octopus' Garden...
​A Yellow Submarine...

Where Can I Get A Tenikle PRO?

Listen, the only way to explain why this tripod isn’t available in any store is that it’s gone viral.

Since the “Work From Home” and “Influencer” craze has ramped up in the past couple years everyone and their dog is either creating content (online is the new frontier) or wanting devices to make their lives easier.

The Tenikle PRO sold out immediately in retail stores nationwide.

However, you may still be able to find your Tenikle PRO though this page you’re on right now, and here’s how:

Step 1: Order your Tenikle here (if they are available)

Step 2: Make sure to order at LEAST 3 or more Tenikle PRO because they’re selling out fast and MOST customers come back for more for their kids, family, and as gifts... but you can save now when you buy more today!

Step 3: Once you place your order on this page right here and receive your Tenikle PRO with fast shipping... get ready to become the best content creator you’ve ever been!

**ATTENTION: Limited Inventory! **
Only 10 Tenikle PRO Per Household!

Tenikle PRO sells out daily! Here's your chance to get one.

Currently, the Tenikle PRO was available on this page ONLY and are NOT available in stores.

Check availability now! >>

You’re Covered By A No-Hassle “It Works, Or It’s FREE” 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order of Tenikle PRO, then you may return your order within 30 days of purchase for a full refund!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order of Tenikle PRO, then you may return your order within 30 days of purchase for a full refund!

...But if you aren’t happy, then we’re not happy, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right, including returning your full investment.

What Are People Saying About The Tenikle PRO?

“Super versatile phone mount! Been finding use for this all the time. Highly recommend!!”

Donna B., Michigan

Verified Buyer

“Been using my Tenikle for a short while and it's already becoming a daily accessory for me! The packaging is super nice and made the unboxing experience extra special (gotta love a good unboxing!).

Also, the Tenikle is SO DURABLE! I've been bending and twisting it every which way. It's so versatile and I've been sticking it almost anywhere I can! For instance, I have it on my cupboard while I do the dishes so I can continue watching my shows on my phone. I even just have my Tenikle on a table so my phone can stay balanced so I don't have to hold it. It frees up your hands for daily tasks! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Jenkins O., Ohio

Verified Buyer

“I’ve been using the product for about 6 months now, primarily at the gym. It’s easy to attach my iPhone and easy to adjust the tentacles to fit all cardio equipment I use.”

Yvonne B., Idaho

Verified Buyer

“This has to be the coolest phone mount I’ve had & used. literally lets you mount and hang your phone anywhere. I use it primarily to watch youtube at dinner, watch shows while I shower ( i just stick to the shower tile with suction cups), to follow recipes when making a new dish and during driving for maps.

It’s also super easy to fold up and throw it in your bag to take with you. Also legs seems like high quality silicone so you can wash it if you spill anything on it or stain it. highly recommend”

Hank G., Maryland

Verified Buyer

“I never leave reviews but had to for this item. I saw this on Shark Tank and ordered a few for gifts. It is so awesome that I am keeping one for myself. The perfect gift for those who are hard to buy for.

I have only had for 2 days but have already used in the car, at work, while making dinner. It hooks and sticks to everything I have wanted it to so far. Completely Awesome!”

Rachel W., Utah

Verified Buyer

Tenikle PRO sells out daily! Here's your chance to get one.

The Tenikle PRO may only be available on this page depending on stock. Please check ASAP.

Check availability now! >>

Securely Mount Your Devices Anywhere!

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