The original
octopus mount.

Mount anything, anywhere
for $ 34.00 USD

Bend and shape
how you want.

Formable legs allow you to
adjust it into any position.

Wrap and stick

Wrap around objects and
suction to smooth surfaces.

Drive with

Hang, stick, stand. Whatever.
No other car mount can do all this.

Selfie click...

Take photos from 30 ft away
& clip in textured phones
with our Shutterbug kit.

Add the Shutterbug Kit

Add now for $ 15.00 USD

  • Kit Includes:
  • - Bluetooth Clicker
  • - Phone Clip
  • - GoPro mount
  • - 1/4-20" adapter

Or selfie stick.

Bend it into any accessory.
Including a selfie stick
for 9" of reach.

Forever universal.

Works with any phone case
that has a smooth surface.

If your case is textured, use the clip
included in the Shutterbug Kit.

Roll it up

Take it anywhere.
Fits in a purse or pocket.

Do it your way.

You're the inventor. Find the perfect arrangement for every scenario

From materials to assembly,
Tenikle mounts are proudly made
completely in the US.

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