Not just another tripod...

Octopus legs that let you mount stuff anywhere.

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Do more, with less.

Bend, wrap, stick, stand, hang, grip, & suction anywhere.

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We're suckers for travel.

Be ready for your next trip. Tenikle is the best travel buddy.

Gear Up

Create content easier.

A camera crew in your pocket.

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Perfect tablet buddy.

Not just for selfies. Mount stuff anywhere.

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Seen in:

Works with all your devices.

Save money, ditch the junk.

 Phones     Cameras

 Tablets     & More

  • Quick and easy set up.

    Need to shoot something quick? Don't ask a stranger.

  • No more 'bed arm'.

    We'll hold your phone up so you can scroll longer.

  • The kids are busy.

    They'll be easily entertained — even without the tech.

  • Strong & Indestructible

    High-strength materials and uni-body design so you never break your mounting gear again.


 Car Mount   Tripod

 Selfie Stick  Stand

 Bike Mount  Tablet Mount

 & More

We patented the octopus. Can we even do that?

We were impressed at how the octopus and starfish's unique design allowed them to hold tightly to ANY object.

So we copied them, LOL.

We hope this versatility will reduce some the need for other products from ending up in the Ocean.

Radically Compact.

Roll it up mini. A must have for any adventure, big or small.

People LOVE Tenikle®.

What others are saying:

“As an artist i can use Tenikle to film my drawings with my phone... i used to use tape and a huge stack of books.”

“The surface doesn't have to be perfectly smooth for tenikle to work. These suction cups do a great job holding.”

“Adaptable, convenient, and original. Great concept and love that it's a concept derived from nature. I also really love the simplicity. It's a helluva conversation piece too!”

"The versatility to be a phone holder for videos at one moment, and then a tripod for a camera at the next moment is excellent and unique."

Here's what's new in Tenikle 2:

  • Super-Strong Suction Cups

    We re-engineered the suckers to stick strong to smooth surfaces with only light pressure applied.

  • Easy To Use

    Creatively use with all your devices. Virtually no set up time.

  • 15 lbs Hold

    A stronger hold than ever. Your tech is safe in our hands — or should we say, tentacles.

  • Silicone Science

    Extremely durable silicone that maintains an airtight seal at the molecular level, while feeling silky and grippy.