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Meet Tenikle® PRO

(6th Generation)


One Product. Endless Mounting Possibilities.

Inspired by the octopus, Tenikle is the only all-in-one flexible suction mount of its kind. Designed to secure devices to objects and smooth surfaces, merging nature & tech.

The "Third Hand" You've Always Needed

Trusted By Over 200,000+ Teniklers

  • Get In The Action Faster

    Easy mountingon-the-go.

  • New Hassle-Free Suction Cups

  • Tenikle PRO: Revolutionary New Design

  • Tenikle PRO: Revolutionary
    New Design


  • Get In The Action Faster

    Easy mountingon-the-go.

  • New Hassle-Free Suction Cups

  • Grip Lock

    Click rotation feature.

  • Improved Universal Phone Mount

  • Stronger, Firmer, Core Structure

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  • BEND



  • WRAP

  • HANG

  • GRIP

  • Your World. Your Angle.

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  • Easily Create Better Content.

  • Capture Your
    Life Story.

  • Your World. Your Angle.

  • Ditch The Ordinary.

  • Be Your Best, Even At Home.

  • Explore Hands Free-Dom

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7 Upgrades In Tenikle PRO

Fits All Phones (With Case)

Our updated clip now expands to fit all known smartphone sizes, even with cases on.

No-Hassle Suction Cups

Now features an open-faced suction, eliminating overlaps and ensuring a firmer grip with less fuss.

Long-Lasting Adhesion

The advanced suction cups expel more air, ensuring a longer and stronger attachment to mounting surfaces.

Sturdier Legs

Optimized stiffness reduces bounciness, ideal for action-packed scenarios.

New Grip-Lock Rotation Feature

Our added 4th arm and its mounting point on the Tenikle come with a notch-style design, further securing your angle positioning.

Revamped Phone Clip

We've completely overhauled the clip, addressing typical weak spots and ensuring a robust design that's built to last while reducing the size to a smaller form factor.

Silent Spring Mechanism

Enjoy a smoother, more satisfying clip operation without the noise.


"I absolutely LOVE my impulse purchase of the “Tenikle”!! I’ve recently had surgery on both of my hands- this device has definitely helped with holding my phone making it easier for me. I’m telling everyone to buy one or two!!

I’ve also used it in my vehicle as a phone holder. Ty is is by far the best phone holder I’ve ever used/had!"


It worked so well, I gifted it to my niece, Meredith.

"I, very last minute, gifted this to my niece the night before she drove 12+ hours to University of Virginia. I hope she uses it as much as I have and if she doesn’t, I’m taking it back!

My only caution is the suction cups only suction to smooth/flat surfaces, so keep this in mind."

Tara K.

Wonderful product

"I love this thing. So much so that I bought 5 more; one for each of my kids 😊.

Sticks anywhere and (so far) it hasn’t dropped off of anything."

Jennie E.

Replacement part

"I was at an event and one of the screws came off and I couldn't find it. I contacted the company and they quickly sent me a replacement."

Catherine K.

Best small tripod for creating content!

"We love the tenikle! It gets a lot of strange looks and questions from folks with inferior tripods. 😆 But mostly it just helps us, as photographers and traveling content creators at The Blumes, to get the job done more easily!"

Phillip B.

Great product

"I love this product! At first I thought I wouldn’t fit my iphone 14+ with the case on, but I just was t pulling hard enough to open the black clasp!"



"I’m enjoying my Tenikle! It’s very handy and versatile! I’m getting a lot of questions about what and where to purchase!"

Robyn M.

Great stand

"Works as a wonderful stand for my Iphone while I work on my computer."

Robin R.

Love Mine!

"I saw this on shark tank and had to try it out. The tenikle is very durable and strong, and you can use it anywhere. I loved mine so much, I bought some for others."

Kelly B.

Love this little guy!

"I love this device for a number of reasons. One, I lose my phone far less often now since my turquoise Tenikle is easy to spot in any room! Having it elevated up helps with my usual neck crane when on long phone meetings. I haven’t gotten to suction it to too many things yet but know the day will come where I appreciate that main feature. Thanks Tenikle!"

Laura P.

Cool Device

"Just like the good folks at Tenikle said. This thing is everything as promised. Nice."

Polly K.

Tentikle ! Finally!

"This is one of my best purchases in ages! Tentikle makes dealing with my phone and taking photos with it worlds easier! Will be buying this for people as gifts from here on out!"

Bradley B.


My husband has issues with accidentally butt dialing friends, 911, business associates. I saw the Tenikle and knew it would solve that major headache for him! He just got it as a Birthday gift yesterday and right away was excited about it!!! Thank you for thinking outside of the box and inventing this innovative, easy to use, perfect price point Tenikle!! New Christmas gift idea this year.

Kim C.

It's pretty awesome!

I love the versatility of the tenikle! You can do almost anything with this thing.

Margaret H.
  • With You Everywhere

  • A Million Ways To Tenikle

  • Create

  • Explore

  • Chill

  • Train

  • Grind

  • Broadcast

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New Reduced-Waste Packaging

We cut down unnecessary packaging waste by up to 40% as part of our pledge toward our ultimate goal of zero-plastic and will continue to improve.

Estimated 34.88 Tons
of Micro-Plastics Avoided

That's how much microplastics won't be contaminating our planet by replacing multiple would-be plastic products with a single multi-use silicone product.

Environmentally-Friendly Silicone

There are far too many mobile accessories still being made from plastic. We made Tenikle eco-friendly from non-petroleum silicone, to stand the test of time.


Will Tenikle® PRO stick to my phone case?

  • Phone cases free of stickers, seams, any textures will work fine.
For other cases such as the ones below, you might want to purchase our Dot Adapters to make it compatible with your phone case. Or you can use the phone clip included with each Tenikle® PRO.
  • Otterbox
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Has perforations or grooves

What does Tenikle® PRO stick to?

Tenikle® PRO can suction to any smooth, non-porous, and non-textured surfaces.

  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Fiberglass
  • Smooth, gloss-painted wood or drywall
  • Metal surfaces
  • Plastic surfaces

  • Tenikle® PRO cannot stick to uneven, rough, or textured surfaces such as:

  • L̶e̶a̶t̶h̶e̶r̶
  • C̶o̶n̶c̶r̶e̶t̶e̶
  • T̶e̶x̶t̶u̶r̶e̶d̶ w̶a̶l̶l̶s̶

Does Tenikle® PRO include a phone clip?


What is your return policy?

We provide returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Please note, shipping costs are NOT included in the refund total.

What is your warranty?

Tenikle® PRO is virtually indestructible, but we offer a free 1-year warranty. If something happens to your Tenikle® PRO after 3 years, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to help.

What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit cards and major digital payment platforms.

Can I still buy Tenikle 360?

No, Tenikle 360 has been discontinued and replaced with PRO, a better product in every way.