10 Essential Photography Accessories You Need to Have

10 Essential Photography Accessories You Need to Have

There are more than 130,000 professional photographers in the United States and thousands more that do photography as a hobby. This is hardly surprising. Photography is a great way to ignite a new-found appreciation of the world around you and to create something great while you explore!

However, if you're serious about getting the most out of your photography, you'll need the right kit. Proper photography accessories can make your photos go from amateur to seriously impressive. They'll also help you to keep your kit safe when you're using it.

Not sure which photography must-haves to get? Then you've come to the right place! Read on to find out the ten best photography accessories that you need.



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1. A Tripod

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Every photographer should have a tripod—even if you're using your phone to take snaps!

These photography tools will ensure that your camera is stable when you take a photo. This means that you can kiss goodbye to blurred images and awkward angles. They'll also let you set up a shot in advance if you want to take a timed photo or use a long exposure.

Using a tripod is a great idea if you're planning to use your camera for a long period. You can take your photos without getting tired from holding heavy equipment. This means the quality of your photos will remain high throughout the day.

The main problem is that camera tripods tend to be super heavy and inconvenient to travel with. Luckily, tripods with suction cups are made from lighter material. Suction cup tripods likethe Tenikle 2.0 Tripod Mount, can give you more flexibility when it comes to setting up shots. You can even mount your iPhone in one of these tripods for stable, hands-free photography.

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2. Filter Lenses

A lot of photographers choose to edit their photos digitally but you can achieve some beautiful photos by using lens filters. These are a way of enhancing your subject without making obvious edits to it. 



Filter lenses come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

You can use warm or cool lenses to adjust the color temperature of a photo. Neutral density or circular polarizers are also popular choices with landscape photographers.

If you want to take your photo using a long exposure, these filters can also be really useful. Using a filter can prevent your photo from becoming overexposed.

Filter lenses are a great way to save yourself some money if you want to play around with different photography styles. Rather than buying yourself a black and white camera, you can get a filter instead. Then you'll have two cameras in one!

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3. A Collapsible Reflector

You may have seen reflector panels in photography studios. These help to diffuse light in your photographs. However, a collapsible reflector panel can be really useful if you want to get great quality photos on the go. 

These usually come with a mixture of panels to suit the lighting that you're photographing in. These include black, white, soft gold or silver panels. Some also come with translucent panels.

Oval and circular reflector discs are both great options for use on-the-go.

A collapsible reflector often folds down so that you can attach it to your photography bag without it becoming bulky. For hands-free use, you may also want to consider investing in a light Stand and reflector holder.

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4. Light Balancing Panels

Light balancing panels are another essential when it comes to taking high-quality photographs. 

As the name suggests, these will balance the light in the photos that you take. This means you don't have to spend loads of time editing and re-balancing your photos digitally. Light balancing panels will also be much more impressive than the 'Auto White Balance' function on your camera.

You can use this to adjust your camera's settings before taking photographs so that the light has already been balanced. These panels feature at least two colors—grey and pure white—that you can use as reference in your photos to get the correct white balance in-camera.

For more color options, take a look at the X-Rite Original ColorChecker Card. This features twenty-four colors to match a variety of things you might want to shoot. For example, it has colors to match skin tones, foliage, or the sky.

If you're looking for something even more compact, then check out the ExpoDisc 2.0. This is very popular with wedding photographers because it is small enough to fit in your bag or pocket easily. It also comes with a lanyard so you can access it quickly on the go.

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5. Fast Prime Lenses

Alt: photography camera lenses


If you want to guarantee high-quality photos every time, then take a look at fast prime lenses.

Unlike zoom lenses, these feature fewer glass elements. This means taking a great photo is much simpler than with a zoom lens.

Because they are a fixed size, prime lenses can also take photos much more quickly than zoom lenses. There's no need to adjust your lens or to wait for enough light. These will do the job in a matter of seconds.

They're ideal if you want to capture quality photos of fast-moving events, such as fashion shows.

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6. A Camera Cleaning Kit

All this gear will only help you if you look after it properly. A dirty lens will do you no good whatsoever if you're trying to take high-quality photos. This is why you should always carry a camera cleaning kit with you. 

Moist camera cleaning wipes or microfibre cloths are great for getting rid of dust, dirt, or fingerprints on your lens. However, they may not be able to manage tougher spots on the surface of your lens. In this case, consider getting a lens cleaning kit or lens pen.

Investing in an air blower is also a good idea. This will help you to get the dust off your camera's lens and internal components without you leaving fingerprints all over it.

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7. Memory Card Accessories

Taking photos is one thing, but you also want to be able to look through them at the end of the day. Getting a few memory card accessories means that you no longer have to mess around with tangled wires when checking out your photos.

The Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot reader has space for SD and micro-SD cards. It plugs into your laptop using a USB cable so that you can transfer your files simultaneously from both cards.

For days when you're taking lots of photos or working on several projects, make sure you get yourself an SD card case or wallet. This accessory for photographers will ensure that all your photos stay safe!

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8. An External Hard Drive

Speaking of keeping your photos safe, the last thing you want is to lose hours worth of work! An external hard drive might not be up there with cool camera accessories, but it will do just that.

A USB external hard drive means you can back-up your photos from your computer. That way you know it's safe to delete them from your SD card so you can take more great shots!

You can also use an external hard drive to share your photos with other people. Rather than spending hours uploading them, simply take your hard drive over to your friend's house and let them plug it in.

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9. A Decent Camera Bag

We know what you're thinking; all this kit sounds like a lot to carry around. This is why a good camera bag is one of the best photography accessories.


This will help you to keep your whole kit organized and safe when shooting. You won't have to panic about where a particular lens is or if you have spare SD cards on you.

All great camera bags should provide proper padding to protect your kit when you're on the go. You should also make sure that you buy one that is water-resistant to protect your camera from water damage.

Camera bags come in a few different styles. You may prefer a shoulder bag over a backpack, and some bags even offer you the option to carry your kit on your hips!

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10. Replacement Camera Straps

Alt: photography camera with straps around a person's neck

Replacement camera straps are an essential part of anyone's photography tools. These will protect both you and your camera.

You should always wear a strap when using your camera in case you drop it. However, some straps can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you're shooting with a bigger camera. For extra comfort, invest in a strong padded strap.

Make sure you always have a spare strap with you in case yours starts to wear out. You don't want it to snap when you're shooting.

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Kit Yourself out With These Photography Accessories Today!

With these photography accessories, you'll be ready to start taking amazing photos wherever you choose! If you're hoping to take your camera on the road, though, our Shutterbug Kit Bundle may be the place to start.

For more help on traveling with your kit, check out these top tips for packing light.

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