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List of Best Car Phone Mounts

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 660,000 drivers use cell phones while driving during the daytime, and in 2015, 3477 were killed and 391,000 people were injured because of distracted driving situations. It is postulated that the smartphone device is the blame for over 1000 deaths and 100,000 injuries in a year.

Because of these statistics, new laws are implemented to prevent drivers from using their iPhone while driving, which means the smartphone should be mounted with a proper device on the dashboard.

When purchasing a car phone mount, it's vital to pick something stable and functional. With that in mind, here is a list of affordable car phone mounts that are compatible with most smartphones.

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Tenikle car phone mount holding an iphone

Tenikle is easy to use, flexible, stable, and unique - plus, it’s more than just a car mount. It's very durable because of the silicone material that makes it indestructible and waterproof. The strong suction cups and bendable legs make it easy to mount the smartphone device to any part of the car. Even if the user is traveling, they can mount it on the window in the airplane to watch videos. Since the legs are bendable, the Tenikle can be shaped to fit almost any sized electronic - even an iPad.

The Tenikle is very versatile; it can be a tripod, selfie stick, car mount, bike mount, and much more. Not only is it a great car mount, but it can save you room in your suitcase (you won’t have to pack another tripod).


iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Mount


Side view of the iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Air Vent Mount

The iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 air vent mount is a compacted magnetic mounting device that holds the phone while the user drives. It has two magnets that provide a secure hold for both the smartphone and the case. 

A Metal Plate Kit attaches directly to the back of the smartphone and does not interfere with any charging wires. Users can install it in any vehicle with a twist lock that tightens onto the air vent blades. Once the mounting system is installed, the user can tap the smartphone on the magnetic mounting head to secure the device. 

Users can find the ideal viewing angle with a rotating ball joint for added convenience. With that in mind, this car phone mount can enhance anyone's driving experience on the road.


BE Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount

BE Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount

The BE Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount has a quick-release button that slides open for users to take out the mobile phone. Users can push the arms on both sides to clamp the mobile phone to operate it, therefore saving time and power.

The 360-degree rotation provides users with an optimal viewing angle. It has a holder that ensures safe driving whether the user is talking, listening to music, or navigating.

This car phone mount is compatible with most smartphones, such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus,5s, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus, Nokia, and much more. It's durable, attractive,  and suitable with a smartphone or electronic device with a width size from 1.9 inches to 3.7inch.


Kenu Airframe+ Smartphone and Phablet Car Mount, Black

Kenu Airframe+ Smartphone and Phablet Car Mount, Black mounted on the air vent of the car

With this simple car phone mount, all the users have to do is attach the Airframe+ on to any air vent and insert their phone. The Airframe+ weighs less than an ounce, which makes it a perfect mount for vacation, everyday use, and business trips.

This portable car mount is compatible with various smartphones and tablets. Its expandable jaw can hold devices with screens up to 6".

The mount has rotating clips that attach it to any vent. The soft, over-molded grips keep the car free from scratches.

It works well with any case up to 3.4 inches wide, which means that it can accommodate most oversized cases, like the mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 5/5s.

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Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Vent Mount for Smartphones

iphone mounted to the Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Vent Mount for Smartphones on the ac vent of the car

The Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount uses a clamping technique and tool to attach to the vent. The clamp can work with straight car vents that are 3/8 to 1 inches deep. The best part is that it will not block air from coming out the vent.

The pivot joint of the mount allows users to position the phone at any angle. The spring mount can hold smartphones of various sizes up to 3 5/8 inch wide.

The 17mm Pivot Ball is compatible with any smartphone device and Garmin GPS technology.

Scosche MagicMount Dash

Scosche MagicMount Dash

The Scosche's Magnetic Dash Mount is a convenient car mounting device. It hovers the device near the magnetic surface to lock and secure it in place. Users can place the device at any angle for convenient viewing on the road, at home, at the office, or anywhere else. This cell phone holder provides a sleek and versatile functionality for car dashboards. It also comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes, depending on which MagicMount that the user purchases.


Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder

iphone attach to the Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount Holder on the AC vent

This car phone mount is designed to hold any phone size between 1.9 inches to 3.7 inches wide. All the users have to do is push a button on the back to open the mount to fit the phone. Close the sides to secure the phone in the mount.

Users can also clip the mount to the air vent to avoid obstructing the view on the windshield. It can withstand any condition from hot to cold weather as well as staying secure despite a bumpy road.

The soft padded interior protects the phone on the mount, and the sturdy plastic exterior makes it durable and robust. It has a 360 Degree Rotation, a one-click release button, and adjustable side grips to accommodate any device from 1.9 to 3.7 inches wide.

Users can push the button on the back of the mount to quickly release the phone and to expand the sides for larger phones.

Keep in mind that this mount performs best on horizontal and vertical vents only, so it's not a good idea to use this product on circular vents.


BESTRIX Cell Phone Holder for Car

BESTRIX Cell Phone Holder for Car

The BESTRIX Cell Phone Holder can turn a CD slot into a cell phone or GPS holder without any adhesives, gel pads, or magnets. The 360-degree rotating head provides a convenient angle for an optimal, hands-free driving experience that is compatible with all phones and devices up to a 6" diameter with up to 3.62" wide and 0.5" depth and fits well for regular phone cases.

The mounting device contains an adjustable cradle for a secure fit with cushioned edges to lock the phone in place to ensure that the device doesn't slide, and can be quickly removed with the single release button.



These are the best car phone mounts for any smartphone and GPS device. They'll keep the phone out of the user's hands while they are driving, hopefully improving the car fatality statistics.  

After reviewing the list, the Tenikle is the best because of its flexibility, portability, durability, and functionality. It’s the only one that can bend to adapt to any electronic device, and the only one that also doubles as a tripod (among many other uses).

Now that we have revealed the best, what are you waiting for? Check out Tenikle for an impressive selection of car phone mount to keep you safe on the road.

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