How to Make Suction Cups Stick

How to Make Suction Cups Stick

The use of suction cup gadgets is on the rise as more people begin to discover their secure gripping capabilities. From shower caddies and gadget mounts to do-it-all suction tools like the Tenikle Octopus Tripod Mount, it’s safe to say that suction cups are making life easier with minimalist technology. Here’s our guide at Tenikle to use your gadgets at peak performance and make the suctions really stick.

Find out why we’ve tapped into suction cup technology to create the Tenikle Octopus Tripod Mount.

How do you make a suction cup stick?

People who have tried a suction cup gadget will have two things to say: it either stuck like glue or it was useless. The result you get is dependent on three factors. First, the quality of your gadget; second, whether or not you’ve installed it right; and third, where you’ve installed the gadget. 

As for the first component, our suction cup tool is waterproof and virtually impossible to destroy. If your product is well-made, cleaning shouldn’t be hard at all! As for the third, make sure to stick a suction cup gadget to smooth, non porous surfaces. If you’ve got that part down, suction cups can be installed almost anywhere in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Think about a household that uses coat hooks with suction cups. These hooks are preferred because they save you the inconvenience and poor aesthetics of having to screw a hole into concrete or a tile wall. They work great in both dry and wet environments, including the kitchen and the bathroom where hanging kitchen towels or a shower cap is easy.

The installation of any suction cup gadget is usually quite simple. When installed properly, a suction cup can serve you well for a decent duration of time. And if it pops off, just reinstall it again.

Here's a step by step guide on how to make them stick.

  • Ensure that the surface on which the suction cup will be mounted is dry. 
  • Make sure your Tenikle is dry and clear of debris. Usually, the oils on your hands are enough to get rid of dust with silicone duct like ours. But if you dropped the Tenikle in the sand or somewhere dusty, you can dab the suction cups with a little bit of olive oil and wipe. It’s more viscous than soapy water, so it will help create a strong suction vacuum.
  • Take the suction cup and rinse in lukewarm water then shake to remove any excess water.
  • If you intend to use a hook on the suction cup,then attaching the hook before pressing the suction cup in place on the wall is recommended. Ensure that there are no air bubbles between the suction cup and the mounting surface. This is an important step because bubbles will loosen the adherence of the suction cup eventually.

The evolution of suction cups

If you have ever been stopped by an officer because you were busy talking on your phone while driving without a hands free gadget, that experience should be more than enough to help you understand why the Tenikle Octopus Tripod Mount is useful. It sticks on the windshield as a phone holder and/or cup holder.

Suction cups as we know them have been around since the 1860s, but the quality has generally improved over the years. Most suction products tend to perform only a single function, such as holding your phone while driving or holding a hook in the closet, kitchen or bathroom. The Tenikle, however, is a flexible gadget that can adapt to your needs. 


Why the Tenikle?

The design of our Octopus Tripod is playful and easy-to-use, making it popular for both adults and kids. The product is sea inspired with tentacles like those of an octopus. However, the best part of this product is the amazing suction power in the suction cups which guarantee a firm grip on several surfaces. The Tenikle has numerous suction cups along three separate arms in one gadget, making its grip even stronger than other suction cup tools. 

The suction cups are of exceptional quality, adhering to pretty much anything outdoors and indoors. So if you are looking for a suction cup device that you can use for various purposes, as a windscreen phone holder to a coat hook or caddy in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or garage, this is the product to invest in. You can even convert it into a shower cup holder in the bathroom.

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How can you use the Tenikle

A huge advantage of the Tenikle suction cup tool is its versatility. Its possibilities are endless, but here are some to get you started.

In the car

The Tenikle was created to function as a tripod. For instance, it makes for an efficient windshield car mount with one tentacle while the others firmly hold your phone. And you don't have to worry that the phone will fall over when you hit a pothole or bump, since the grip on these suction cups is impressively strong. Each suction cup has the ability to hold 8 pounds and the Tenikle has 10 suction cups per piece. 

Use them with kids’ devices in the back seat as their iPads or phones are mounted on the back of the front seat head rest. This can be achieved with two tentacles each attached to the steel head rest support and the third tentacle firmly holding their iPads.

In photography

If you are into golfing and you would like to take a video of yourself taking a swing at a golf ball on the course, the Tenikle can be handy and a very portable addition to your equipment. By wrapping two tentacles on the steel handle of a golf club in your golf club bag situated several meters from your swing, then attaching your cell phone firmly to the third tentacle, press record on the cell and take a swing. This is a great way to get your Instagram game on as well as record yourself to see areas you need improvement. 

You can also use the Tenikle underwater. Mount a GoPro camera on top of the Tenikle and hold the Tenikle as a selfie stick or simply to gain better grip. You can also mount the Tenikle on a smooth surface inside or near a pool to watch yourself swim.

Is your next stop the gym for a morning workout? Yank the Tenikle from the windshield, roll it up into a small ball (yes! It rolls into a ball) dump it your track pockets or gym bag together with your car keys. Since you have been dying to show off your workout routines, why not use the Tenikle? Just mount it on the gym mirror or the equipment closest to you, mount you phone on one or two of the tentacles, press record, and start your routine. When you’re done at the gym, roll the tripod back into a ball and fit it right into your gym bag as you head for the car. Once in the car, mount it as a phone holder on your windshield. 

At home

Once you’re home and your cute pupper comes to say hello, you can throw the Tenikle ball in the yard for him to go fetch. After a bonding game of fetch with Fido you can take it into the shower with you where it can serve many functions. Use it as a shower cap holder, phone holder, and more. 


When you get to use your Tenikle, you will quickly realize how playful, practical, versatile and effective it truly is. Whether using the Tenikle indoors, outdoors and on different surfaces, such as steel, ceramic, concrete, and leather, the mounting process is the same. 

Having a suction cup handy is never a bad idea - for active lifestyles, it can be your saving grace in terms of convenience and practicality. The Tenikle offers a ton of flexibility and versatility, and comes with industry-exclusive suction cups for an uncompromising attachment. For more cool gadgets, check out our Shutterbug Kit Bundles with Bluetooth clickers, tripod mount screws, and more.
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