How to Mount a GoPro on a Tenikle

How to Mount a GoPro on a Tenikle

Suction cups were first patented in the mid 1800’s, though their use has been dated all the way back to the third century B.C., where it is believed the Greek “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates, first made use of the simple yet effective technology.

Combining age-old suction cup science with a contemporary concept, Tenikle has creatively revolutionized the tech accessory market. By fusing a tripod, mount, stand, and so much more, the Tenikle allows for endless opportunities, limited only by your imagination.

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Mounting a GoPro

Mounting a GoPro or action camera to a Tenikle is as easy as it gets. Simply use your cameras tripod mount to thread into the included ¼ inch female mount on the Tenikle. That’s it!

Check out our ¼ inch male to male adapters.

Secure Positioning for a GoPro

To ensure your GoPro or action camera is mounted securely, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The cups will only work on a clean smooth surface, as a full, airtight seal is required. Any air that may leak between the mounting surface and the cups will lead to an imperfect seal, and therefore may result in failure to securely mount. This means the suction cups will not work on any textured surface.

However, if your mounting surface is textured, we provide a solution to that. Our Dot Adapters allow you to securely mount your Tenikle to any surface you desire.

It is also important to clean the dust off of the suction cups. A quick wipe with some water is best, but a simple swipe of the finger is more than enough. The oils from you skin actually aid in providing a more complete seal!

The more the merrier; try to use as many suction cups as you can when mounting to a surface.

Creative Ways to Use Your GoPro With Your Tenikle

When you have a product such as Tenikle that integrates a multitude of different accessories into one compact device, the creative use possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few ways users like to use their Tenikle with their GoPro, but certainly you will be able to devise countless more creative ways to use your Tenikle.


Action Sports

If you have an action camera, chances are you are into action sports, and you definitely want to capture every moment.

With Tenikle, you can get much more creative with your shots than the traditional helmet or chest mount. The flexible nature of our Tenikle means it’s better able to capture unique angles and shots, and it won’t break if you accidentally drop it or a ball comes towards it.

Try sticking Tenikle to your surfboard, or wrapping it to the nose of your skateboard. You can achieve a much more dramatic shot with the camera so close to the action.

Vlogging Arm

There has been a recent explosion in vlogging online. If you are interested in finding a versatile vlogging rig, Tenikle has you covered.

Simply attach your camera to the threaded mount, then bend the arms toward yourself. This will afford you an extra foot of reach for that classic vlog style. 


Creative Time Lapse Mount

Time Lapses are a beautiful way to add another dimension to your cool videos. Traditionally, time lapses are done using a full sized tripod, which can be extremely restrictive.

To get creative, one of a kind time lapses, Tenikle is the best bet. Because Tenikle has such a unique form, you can put it almost anywhere.

For instance, instead of getting a standard sky timelapse, you can wrap your Tenikle around a branch and get the movement of clouds through the leaves of the trees. Another great example is wrapping the Tenikle around the railing on an overpass with your camera pointed down to get an incredible time lapse of cars speeding by.

With Tenikle, the time lapse possibilities are endless. Anywhere you can wrap your Tenikle around you are able to get beautiful, unique time lapses.

Drone-like Shots

Drone shots are a great way to give your video some flair. However, drones can be a huge expense.

While you won't be able to fly your Tenikle hundreds of feet into the air, there is one nice trick you can use to get a drone-like shot.

Simply wrap your Tenikle to the end of a long pole, pipe, or even a branch. From there you can raise the pole up or down to simulate a short drone or jib like shot that is sure to add a little something extra to your video. 

First Person POV Rig

The first person point of view is a great camera trick that looks impressive, but is usually hard to achieve.

Again, the ever so versatile Tenikle can help you get this creative POV shot. All you need is a jacket with a zipper. Splay out all of the arms of the Tenikle completely so that they are equally distant and flat. Then, put the Tenikle against your chest and zip the jacket up.

With the jacket closed and the Tenikle against your chest, the camera should be stable enough for you to get that awesome first person point of view that will make people wonder how in the world you were able to pull it off.


The Tenikle is an all-in-one device for your GoPro or other action camera. These are just a few of the countless uses for Tenikle. We trust you’ll be able to conjure up a multitude of even more creative ways to utilize this unique Iphone gadget in your home, on your next road trip, or on a last-minute photo excursion.

Give your videos some extra flair and check out Tenikle today!

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