How to Mount an iPhone on a Tenikle

How to Mount an iPhone on a Tenikle

Suction cups were first patented in the mid-1800’s, but we’ve added a unique twist - a splash of color and an octopus design. Inspired by beach vibes and the awe-striking capabilities of sea life, the Tenikle is proving that iPhone mounts don’t have to be a drab metal device.

Combining time-tested suction cup science with a new age concept, Tenikle has creatively revolutionized the tech accessory market. It’s most commonly used as an iPhone mount. Stick it and attach it, then bend it, turn it, and twist it as you please. There’s so many ways to use a Tenikle octopus mount with your Iphone, and here’s how to get started.

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Mounting an Iphone 

One of the very best applications of the Tenikle is for use with your iPhone, or really any smartphone. When it comes to portable gadgets for phone photography or Facetime, Tenikle has you covered! Simply roll it into a ball and place it in your pocket or bag, then take it out whenever an unexpected photo-op presents itself.

Secure Positioning for an Iphone

To ensure your phone is mounted securely, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be sure that the back of your phone is free of dirt and dust, and that there are no stickers or logos where you plan to stick any of the cups. The cups will only work on a clean smooth surface, as a full, airtight seal is required. Any air that may leak between the mounting surface and the cups will lead to an imperfect seal, and therefore may result in failure to securely mount. This means the suction cups will not work on any textured phone case. 

But don’t worry if you need to mount your phone to a textured surface! Our Dot Adapters allow you to securely mount your Tenikle to any surface you desire, eliminating the limits that other suction cup accessories have. We also offer a phone mount for even more flexibility in mounting.

Cleaning the dust off of the suction cups should also help your Tenikle octopus device to stick better. A quick wipe with some water is best, but a simple swipe of the finger is more than enough. The oils from your skin actually aid in providing a more complete seal!

Two is better than one; while using one suction cup to mount your phone is sufficient, using two cups will ensure a more substantial hold. The Tenikle has ten suction cups total, so finding enough should be no problem.


Creative Ways to Use Your iPhone With Your Tenikle

When you have a product like Tenikle that integrates with multitude of different phone accessories into one compact device, the creative possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few ways users like to use their Tenikle with their phone, but tapping into your innovative mind will inspire even more ways to use your Tenikle.


Selfie Stick Alternative

Ever cringed watching someone use a selfie stick in public, or have to duck beneath their outstretched device? Selfie sticks are old news. However, you may still want a little help getting everyone in the frame while taking a selfie, and your arm may not be quite enough.

Simply stick your phone to one of the three Tenikle arms, then bend the remaining two arms toward yourself, creating a solid handle to hold onto.

This will create a great alternative to a selfie stick, adding an extra foot of reach to your arm span!

In addition, many venues and theme parks will confiscate a selfie stick, whereas the Tenikle is much more inconspicuous. So feel free to pack your Tenikle wherever you go!


Windshield Mount for your iPhone

We have all seen the plethora of suction cup windshield mounts that are currently on the market, but why purchase a device that only serves one purpose when you could have an all-in-one device that does the same jobs (and does it better).

Mounting your phone to your windshield or dashboard is simple. Spread two arms of the Tenikle out in a “V” shape and securely stick them to your windshield or dashboard (as long as your dashboard is not textured). Use as many suction cups as possible on your mounting surface. Then, simply bend the remaining arm up so that the suction cups are facing you. Finally, securely attach your phone to the remaining arm, keeping in mind that two suction cups are preferable for the most secure suction.

Alternatively, you can hang the Tenikle from your rear-view mirror. Stick your phone to one arm as outlined above, and then wrap the remaining two arms around your rear-view mirror from the back so that your phone is hanging just below the mirror.

Seatback Entertainment

Another great way to use your Tenikle with your phone is to use it for seatback entertainment when you travel, no matter how you travel.

Existing airline seatback entertainment is fine, but it doesn't have all the favorite shows and movies you may have on your phone or tablet. Holding your device is tiring and inconvenient, and many device stands on the market are flimsy, or allow your device to shift and slide as the plane moves.

To use the Tenikle for seatback entertainment with your device, start by lowering the seatback tray on the seat in front of you. Stick two arms securely to the tray, and bend the remaining arm straight up with the suction cups pointing toward you. Then, simply stick your device to the remaining arm and bend it into a comfortable watching position.

In addition to using the Tenikle to watch media in the air, it is just as straightforward to use it in a car (if you are a passenger, of course). Hold the Tenikle so that the suction cups are facing you. Wrap two arms around the support for the headrest in front of you, with the remaining arm hanging down. Then just stick your device to the remaining arm to create seatback entertainment in your car that is perfect for keeping the kids entertained on those long road trips.

Media Stand

Stop taking your phone from your pocket to your hand and back. Easily display your phone on your desk following a similar process to the airline seatback entertainment trick. 

Stick two arms to your desk, with the remaining arm sticking up with the cups pointed toward you. Stick your phone to the remaining arm and voila, you have a quick media stand for your device. 

This is great for work as you can focus your attention on what you’re doing while also being able to view incoming notifications.



The Tenikle is an all-in-one device for your phone. These are just a few of the countless uses for Tenikle. We trust you’ll be able to conjure up a multitude of more creative ways to utilize your Tenikle.

Kick all your phone accessories now. Check out Tenikle and thank us later.

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