Safety First! 3 Genius Ways to Dashboard Mount Your Smartphone

Safety First! 3 Genius Ways to Dashboard Mount Your Smartphone

As cars, trucks, and everything in between come with more technology, most still don’t come with a dedicated dashboard mount for your phone. This makes sense, as most vehicles come with a smart screen that lets you make phone calls, search music, and use GPS.

But many of us don’t use this feature, as our phones already do this… for free. Well, we’re already paying for these features in our phone plans. While useful, our phones lead to distracted drivers.

Have you ever held your phone in one hand, balanced it on your lap, or left it in the passenger seat and kept looking over to use the GPS feature?

It’s not safe, no matter how skilled we feel with our multi-tasking abilities. Cell-phone use amounted to over 25% of U.S. car accidents in 2019.

Here’s the good news: There are many safe ways to dashboard mount your phone safely in your car. The most flexible way is with the Tenikle.

Check out the many different ways you can use Tenickle to dashboard mount your phone to make driving easier and safer.

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What is Tenikle?

Source: Tenikle 2.0 — Bendy Suction Mount

Tenikle is a multi-purpose mount for phones, iPads, and any other technology and gear you can think of. It uses the simple technology of suction cups to securely attach to your phone and other accessories without the risk of damaging them.

Comprised of durable yet flexible silicone, you can form the Tenikle into any shape to fit your needs. Its infinite number of uses include a camera tripod, accessory holder, and a phone dashboard mount.  When you’re not using it, you can roll it into a small ball and stick in your day pack or purse.

Tenikle is a valuable item for mounting your phone in your car. Form it to fit anywhere in your car. The best part is it attaches more securely than most other dashboard mounts.

There’s less risk of your phone and mount falling or tipping sideways which becomes a distraction. When it’s time to move your Tenikle, you don’t have to worry about it leaving any marks on your vehicle or your phone.

Are you ready for a better phone mounting solution for your vehicle?

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1. Mount to a Lower Window

Your vehicle, regardless of make and model, has numerous places to safely mount a phone. If you buy a dedicated CD or window mount, you limit your options to just one place. With Tenikle, you can mount your phone anywhere on any window.


Take note that some states don’t approve of windshield mounting your phone with suction cups or other ways of attachment. Make sure to check the laws in your state to make sure it’s legal. If it isn’t, don’t worry, as Tenikle has the flexibility for you to mount your phone in many other great areas!

Mounting to the Lower Windshield

One popular place is the lower windshield. This spot allows is a convenient place as the driver’s eyes don’t have to travel far from the road to see your phone. A lower windshield mount doesn’t block visibility either.

To attach Tenikle to the windshield, start by finding a safe area on the lower windshield that doesn’t obstruct your visibility. Attach the two bottom tentacles to the lower windshield using the suction cups. Press firmly to securely attach it.

 Next, fold the top unattached tentacle downwards to expose the suction cups.  Use the suction cups to attach it to the back of your phone. Make sure you press down firmly to remove all air bubbles for a secure attachment.

With that, your phone is ready to go.

Mounting to the Lower Driver-Side Window

Alt text: The Tenikle mounts an iPhone to the lower part of a window.

The lower driver-side window is another safe place to mount your phone. Begin by finding an area that doesn’t block your view of your side-view mirror. Before attaching, rotate Tenikle so 1 tentacle is pointing at you and the others point away.

Attach the 2 tentacles pointing away from you to the window. Gently bend the 3rd tentacle out and attach your phone to the suction cups. You can bend and twist Tenikle to adjust it to fit your needs.



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2. Mount Tenikle to the Upper Window

Alt text: The Tenikle mounts an iPhone to the upper window of a car.

The other most popular place for mounting your phone in the upper part of your windshield. For some, this allows for greater visibility. And with Tenikle’s secure suction cups, you don’t have to worry about it falling.

Mounting to the Upper Windshield

Mounting your phone to the upper part of the windshield using Tenikle is similar to mounting it to the lower portion. Again, start by finding a safe place that doesn’t limit your visibility of the road. One safe place is behind your rearview mirror.

Like before, position Tenikle where 2 tentacles face downward and one points up. Attach the 2 bottom ones to your windshield. You may need to maneuver them so they don’t block your view.

Fold the top one down and attach your phone. You can fold and bend the Tenikle to position your phone just right.

Mounting to the Rearview Mirror

If mounting to the upper windshield blocks too much visibility, you can attach Tenikle to the rearview mirror. Position it so 2 tentacles are pointing upwards and 1 down. Use the 2 top ones attach and wrap the Tenikle around the back of your rearview mirror.

Use the bottom one to attach your phone and bend or twist the tentacle to angle your phone the way you want it.

Mounting to the Upper Driver-Side Window

Sometimes mounting to the lower driver-side window can black too much of your view. The upper part of the window near the windshield is another great place that allows for greater visibility.

Attach 2 of the tentacles to the window closest to the front of your vehicle. For best results, leave 1 tentacle unattached at the top. Bend the top tentacle towards you and attach your phone.

With any of these window mounts, you can twist and bend Tenikle to position your phone right where you need it.

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3. Use Tenikle as a Cupholder or Dashboard Mount

Want to mount your phone somewhere that doesn’t limit your visibility? Or prefer mourning your phone somewhere lower?

Here’s how to use Tenikle to mount your phone to your cupholder or dashboard.

Mounting to Your Cupholder

With most cup holder phone mounts, you have to sacrifice your cup holder. For those of us who have a passenger or enjoy our favorite caffeinated beverages on the road, giving up a cupholder is an annoyance.

However, with Tenikle, you can still mount your phone to a cupholder without having to give it up! To do this, you have 2 options.

The first is to wrap Tenikle around your cup, mug, or can as long as it has smooth sides. Simply wrap and attach 2 of the tentacles around the container and leave one sticking up on top. Attach your phone to the top tentacle and position it so you can see your phone and still drink from your container.

The second option is to attach Tenikle along the top or sides of the cupholder leaving the center available for a skinny container. Attach 2 tentacles to the side of the cupholder closest to you so the suction cups face you. Leave 1 tentacle up and attach your phone.

The second option is the most secure although it limits your cup holder space.

Dashboard Mount

None of the above fits your needs? Well, a dashboard mount just might.

If your vehicles' dashboard consists of a smooth surface, you can attach Tenikle directly to your dashboard. Make sure to find a space that doesn’t block your view of the road.

Take your Tenikle and position it so 2 tentacles point downwards and one points up with the suction cups facing you. Attach the 2 bottom ones to the top of your dashboard. Bend the top tentacle up and attach it to the back of your phone.

Another option is to flip it and have the suction cups face away from you but leaving 1 tentacle pointing upwards and 2 pointing down. Attach the 2 tentacles to the dashboard and bend the top one over so its suction cups face you. Suction cup your phone to the available tentacle and you’re good to go.

You may need to twist or bend the tentacle to position your phone to fit your needs.

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Other On-The-Go Ways to Mount Your Phone

Alt text: Children play a game on their Tenikle-mounted iPad.

There many other great ways to use Tenikle to mount your phone or your other favorite devices in your car.



If you have children or passengers in the back, you can use Tenikle as a tablet, phone, or another device holder. You can attach Tenikle to the back of the center console or wrap it around the support bars of the driver and passenger headrests.

Larger vehicles, like vans and crossovers, have an entertainment section along the roof of the vehicle. If there aren’t any TVs, you can attach your Tenikle to the smooth plastic to hold a tablet or phone.

Whatever your technology mounting needs may be, Tenikle has a solution for you.

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Give Tenikle A Try

Reduce driving distractions from your phone by trying a dashboard mount. With Tenikle, you’ll have many different options to make using your phone’s GPS and other features as safe as possible.

Check out our great selection of colors and treat yourself to a Tenikle today!

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