What Happened To Tenikle After Shark Tank?

What Happened To Tenikle After Shark Tank?

Recap: Before appearing on Shark Tank, Hans was facing financial difficulties. He had a debt of around $270,000 and was living in an RV with his wife, managing with very limited funds. On Shark Tank, Hans Dose made a deal with Daymond John for his octopus-inspired phone mount, Tenikle.

Here's What Happened To Tenikle After Shark Tank:

Sales Surged Post Shark Tank: After airing on Shark Tank, Tenikle sold out on Amazon within five minutes, hitting the number one spot in the phone mount category.

Significant Revenue Increase: In just over a month & a half since the episode aired, Tenikle made $375,000 in sales.

Strategic Partnership: Daymond John introduced Cody Grandadam as a strategic partner for Tenikle. Grandadam's expertise in manufacturing and sales in the category proved beneficial.

Major Retail Commitment: A significant retail commitment of over a million dollars was secured for Tenikle.

Impact of Support & Partnership: The success of Tenikle is attributed to the support of Hans's wife and the partnership with Daymond John.

Finding a New Home: The financial success from Shark Tank & the subsequent business growth allowed Hans and his wife to move out of the RV and into a home.

Expanding The Team: Hans & wife Lydia welcomed a baby boy!


What is Tenikle?

The founder of the Tenikle, Hans Dose, came up with the simple genius idea after he broke his phone on some rocks after trying to prop it up on a tree for a picture.

On the way home, he had an epiphany when he put his phone on a suction cup-mounted phone holder in his car.

He started tinkering & creating suction cup, octopus inspired prototypes in his garage, eventually inventing Tenikle, the most versatile device tripod in the world.

Tenikle lets you capture content from angles never before possible, or view your devices nearly anywhere.

Not only can the Tenikle be a tripod, but it can also wrap around objects (like bike handlebars) with an even sleeker low profile than all the popular flexible tripods.

The Tenikle PRO’s most defining feature is its octopus tentacle-strong suction cups.

These highly-engineered silicone cups let you mount the Tenikle on nearly any smooth surface with shocking sticking power.

What happened with the Tenikle 360?

Despite Tenikle's success on Shark Tank, inventor Hans Dose remained dedicated to enhancing the product.

After selling out of the last batch of Tenikle 360s, Hans actively listened to feedback from customers.

Motivated by these insights, Hans began developing & released a new version called the Tenikle PRO, the 6th generation of his invention.


What's improved with the Tenikle PRO?

Universal Fit for Phones: The updated clip on the Tenikle has been expanded to accommodate all sizes of smartphones, even those with cases on.

Enhanced Suction Cups: The new design features open-faced suction cups, reducing overlap issues and providing a stronger, more reliable grip.

Stronger, Longer-Lasting Hold: The advanced suction cups are designed to expel more air, ensuring that the Tenikle sticks longer and more firmly to surfaces.

Improved Leg Stiffness: The legs of the Tenikle have been optimized for better stiffness, making them less bouncy and more suitable for active use.

Innovative Arm with Grip-Lock: A new fourth arm, complete with a notch-style design, has been added to the Tenikle. This feature helps in maintaining the desired angle of the phone more securely.

Revamped Phone Clip: The phone clip on the Tenikle has undergone a complete redesign, focusing on strengthening typical weak points. The new design is more robust and compact.

Quieter Spring Mechanism: The clip mechanism has been refined to operate more smoothly and silently, enhancing the overall user experience.

    How Does The Tenikle PRO Work?

    As long as you have a phone, then you can begin to enjoy how cool and useful the Tenikle PRO is in no-time!

    The Tenikle PRO was built to be easy to use, keep your device safe, and give you the most versatile content creation and watching potential possible...

    Here’s how to use it:

    Step 1: Toss out your chunky clunky boring phone tripod…

    Step 2:  Open your well-packaged Tenikle PRO… they even put care into packing it tight.

    Step 3:  Run around your house finding the hundreds of places you can stick it to. Have a ball with the suction cups. They’re shockingly strong (holds OVER 30 POUNDS!!!) and are super fun to pop on and off surfaces.

    Step 4:  Try out all the devices that fit into Tenikle’s quick-clip.

    Step 5:  START RECORDING AND WATCHING from the wackiest and best angles you can find!

    Where Can You Use The Tenikle PRO?

    The Tenikle PRO is perfect for...

    • Content Creation
    • ​Working Out
    • Bathrooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Cycling
    • Kayaking
    • Surfing
    • ​Offices and cubicles

    • Kitchens
    • Workshop spaces
    • Garages
    • Workshops
    • Gyms
    • ​Sticking A Second Phone Screen Next To Your Laptop
    • Neighboring A Pineapple Under the Sea...
    • An Octopus' Garden...
    • ​A Yellow Submarine...

    Where Can I Get A Tenikle PRO?

    Listen, the only way to explain why this tripod isn’t available in any store is that  it’s gone viral.

    Since the “Work From Home” and “Influencer” craze has ramped up in the past couple years everyone and their dog is either creating content (online is the new frontier) or wanting devices to make their lives easier.

    The Tenikle PRO sold out immediately in retail stores nationwide.

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