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Mount Stuff Anywhere

Tenikle 2

More FUNction — Out Now

4.4 Stars


Your tech essentials. Combined.

A simple, durable, & fun little tool.






Bend & Shape How You Want

Formal legs allow you to adjust into any position.

Million Ways To Tenikle click to enlarge image

Mount Stuff Places

Tenikle 2

$34 Now only $29


Powerful Suction

Wrap around objects and suction to smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Discover the power of octopus suction.



Suctions to any case that has a non-textured surface.

...Or adapt to any textured case or surface with our Dot Adapters.

We're biased... Don't just take our word for it!

880 reviewers have given us 4.4 stars

"We’re not kidding when we say there’s

nothing Tenikle can’t be used for."

"I love it so much I want to marry it.

I absolutely love this thing - best $$ I've ever spent!"

- Remi Feb, 2019 (yes, this was a real review)

"Natural feeling malleable arms allow you to

bend it in any desired position."


We stand by our product.

If for some reason you don't dig it, no worries.

We guarantee 100% money back when you try it out for 60 days.

Just contact support to get started on your return (below).

Universal Accessory

Discover what you can do with Octopus Legs.

Drive With Versatility

Hang, stick, wrap, stand, mount and more — there's no other car mount that can do all this.

Your Personal Cameraman

Roll it up small to fit in your bag, pocket, purse or luggage to always have your tripod on the go.

Never Miss A Beat, Or Moment

No matter the surface, Tenikle can be formed into the perfect stand for any scenario.

A Toy With Utility

Good for all ages and all devices. Tenikle was designed to be as fun to use as it is functional.

Do It Your Way

You're the inventor. Find the perfect arrangement for any scenario.

Tenikle 2

Sticks Strong

Recommended for up to 15 lbs.


Easy To Use

    And Loved By All Ages  

Roll It Up To Be


Easily fits in your pocket, bag, or luggage.

Don't forget to pack Tenikle on your next trip!

The Indoor

Adventurer's BFF

Lazy day? That's cool too, we got you.

Works With

Any Device




Gaming Devices

Portable Speakers

& More

Million Ways To Use Tenikle®

Mount Stuff Anywhere

Tenikle 2

$34 Now only $29