How To Use Tenikle
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Suction Cup Basics

Suction cups sometimes get a bad rep for being finicky. Here's how to be sure yours stick great.

 Q: Why Do Suction Cups Fail?

A: The only reason a suction cup will EVER fail is because air got inside.

The 7 Rules Of Suction Cups


Never have a problem with your Tenikle's suction cups by following these 7 main rules:

1. ) Keep It Air-Tight  

2.) Only Non-Porous & Non-Textured Surfaces

3.) Clean Before Mounting

4.) Don't suction over logos, bevels, sticker edges, or seams

5.) Apply Good Pressure

6.) Only Use For Short-Term (Roughly 4 Hrs)

7.) Test Before Trustin'

So, how do these things work anyway?

A suction cup uses the negative pressure of air... stick to nonporous surfaces creating a partial vacuum. Tenikle has not made any changes to this technology other than improved surface materials and suction cup shape.

Using Suction Cups Properly


Even though ours are the literally best in the biz...

    Suction cups will always require a few things in order to work properly. Here are a few best practices when using your Tenikle to ensure you have a good experience and know what to expect. Remember, Tenikle is more versatile than just suction cups, so if you can’t find a suction solution then try wrapping, hanging, standing or clipping. Tenikle is made to be used however you see fit, so play around with it and try different uses!


Phone Cases

These cases ARE NOT suction compatible and will require a Dot Adapter to use Tenikle.

Otterbox Apple Leather Pela Patterned Plastic Leather Wallet

These cases ARE suction compatible.

Apple Silicone casetify Mophie Lumee Anything with our universal DOT ADAPTERS