Phone Clip Attachment

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Get the best angles for your shots, & securely attach your phone and action cam to Tenikle.

Our standalone phone clip attachment is the perfect gadget for a photographer on the go. A great companion to the original Tenikle Suction Mount, the Phone makes tripod setup simple.

Phone clip

We stand behind our product. Tenikle 2 includes a 1-year warranty.
Try Risk-Free
for 60 days
Don't like it? We'll take it back, no questions asked.
Our past customers have awarded Tenikle a 4.2 star rating overall.

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Product Features +

Supports Up to 15 lbs
Food-grade & environmentally safe silicone
Works with any phone, tablet, or camera
Proprietary utility design
Extremely durable
Kid safe 4+
1 Year replacement warranty
Heat resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Dishwasher safe

Product Specs +

In tripod form:  
6" x 4" x 4"  
Rolled into ball:  
2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
10.5" x 9" x 0.7"
Weight: 6 oz     
Material: High quality silicone 
Max Weight: 15 lbs
Recommended Suction Time: 4 hrs
Designed in California
Patent Granted 

A million ways to use Tenikle.

Combine your accessories.

Sold out

Discover Endless FUNction

We Patented The Octopus.

After forgetting his tripod on hikes and hopping back into his car without any epic shots, Tenikle's inventor realized that his car mount should also be his tripod.

But why stop at tripod? There's tons of different tech accessories that are boring & only do one thing.

Inspired by our friends in the sea, Tenikle was created in a little garage in Huntington Beach, CA. The mission: to combine all your tech accessories into one device with endless discover-able uses.

Say Hello To Tenikle 2.0

The third-hand you didn't know you needed.





More Options

With Suction

Wrap around objects and suction to glass-like surfaces.

Quick mounting, recommended for 4 hr suction hold.

Bend & Shape

How You Want

Form-able legs allow you to adjust into any position.

Don't listen to us!

Here's what others are saying:

"We’re not kidding when we say there’s nothing Tenikle can’t be used for."

"Natural feeling malleable arms

allow you to bend it in any desired position."

"I love it so much I want to marry it.

Best $30 I've ever spent!"

- Remi, Tenikle Customer

"On vacation, my mom attached her Tenikle to a window and used it as a hat rack."

- Penny, Tenikle Customer

"The Tenikle is much more than a car mount. It's pretty much any [accessory] you can think of"

Do More — With Less.

There's too many different accessories for your devices.

We say you don't need all that junk.



Works With Any Device






& More

Combine your tech essentials.

Capture anytime, anywhere.

Get more out of your car mount.

Enjoy more YOU time.

Tuned to your needs.

...And theirs.

We'll hold your phone so you can relax.

Avoid long-term wrist damage.

A travel necessity.

And While You're At It,

Save The Planet.

Shrink your environmental footprint by getting 1 single product to do what 12 products do.

Oh yeah, & it's made of high-grade silicone instead of fossil-fuel-based plastics, contributing less of those harmful micro plastics to the environment.

Tenikle 2.0 — Our Best Yet

Stick It. Wrap It. Form It. Mount It.

The ALL-IN-1 tech toy for everyone.

from 880 reviews

Sold out

We stand by our product.

60 Day Guarantee

100% Money Back

1-Year Warranty

Plan to use
as a Tripod?

Add Shutterbug Kit to include Adapters, Clips, & Bluetooth Clicker.

Sold out


Suctions to any case that has a non-textured surface.

Won't suction to your case?

Our DOT ADAPTERS can solve that.

Adapt to any texture using our DOT ADAPTERS.

Universal Accessory

Discover what you can do with Octopus Legs.

Drive With Versatility

Hang, stick, wrap, stand, mount and more — there's no other car mount that can do all this.

Your Personal Cameraman

Roll it up small to fit in your pocket, purse or luggage to always have your tripod on the go.

Never Miss A Beat

No matter the surface, Tenikle can be formed into the perfect mount for any scenario.

A Toy With Utility

Good for all ages and all devices. Tenikle was designed to be as fun to use as it is functional.

Do It Your Way

You're the inventor. You'll discover new whacky uses every day.

Which is the fun part!

Sticks Strong

Recommended for up to 15 lbs.

Easy To Use

And loved by all ages.


Easily fits in your pocket, bag, or luggage.

Don't forget to pack Tenikle on

your next adventure!

Indoor Adventurer's BFF

Lazy day? That's cool too!

Zero Risk Purchase

We stand by our product. That's why our return policy is unprecedented.

60 Day Guarantee

Enjoy free returns. We want you to love it.

100% Money Back

Don't like it? We'll take it back. No questions asked.

1-Year Warranty

If by chance Your Tenikle breaks—we'll replace it.

Still not sure? Here's 27 more reasons to buy:

  1. Great for traveling
  2. Gets past theme park security unlike selfie sticks
  3. Original and proprietary
  4. Fits in your pocket
  5. Mount other things like flashlights, bluetooth speakers, photography lights & more
  6. More useful & durable than any competing bendable tripod
  7. If you have a phone, camera, tablet, than you should have this
  8. Environmentally friendly alternative
  9. Avoid costly car mount fees at the rental car place on your next trip
  10. Fun to throw against glass, makes a great game
  11. Inspired by octopus
  12. Invented by a surfer in Laguna Beach, California (read story)
  13. Patented (we're aware of some knockoffs that don't work — this hurts us!)
  14. Both kids and old people love it too
  15. Hang random stuff like wet clothes
  16. Super fun to play around and find weird uses for (like a cup makeshift handle)
  17. Addicting to fidget with by bending the malleable legs, helps focus
  18. We have lots of handicap folks that use it for their wheelchair
  19. Connect 2 together to make a super Tenikle
  20. Pets love it
  21. Extremely durable, will not break
  22. We support our military — some use to Facetime or watch Netflix in barracks
  23. Take epic group selfies with everyone in the shot
  24. There really is endless ways to use it
  25. Epic gift that everyone can appreciate
  26. It's "design-y"
  27. It's honestly super fun & useful, you probably should just try it out yourself

Tenikle 2.0 — Best Yet

from 880 reviews

*Tripod set up included in Shutterbug Kit add on

Sold out

Plan to use
as a Tripod?

Get the most out of your Tenikle and add Shutterbug Kit. Includes Adapters, Clips, & Bluetooth Clicker.

Free U.S. Ground
No one likes to pay for shipping, so we offer free shipping for USA.

1-Year Warranty
We stand behind our product. Tenikle 2 includes a 1-year warranty.

Buyer Approved
Our past customers have awarded Tenikle a 4.2 star rating overall.

Try Risk-Free for 60 days
Don't like it? We'll take it back, no questions asked.

Minimal Footprint Material
We don't like to pollute, so we use BPA-Free, fish-friendly silicone.

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