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Tenikle® 2.0 — Universal Octopus Mount

Tenikle® 2.0 | ★★★★★ 880 reviews

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Suction or clip your devices to our revolutionary octopus inspired mount.

Designed in California, this innovative suction cup tripod is great for professional and novice photographers or social media content creators. But it's not only for capturing — Tenikle ® makes a great phone mount, and has plenty of other uses too. The Tenikle ® Bendy Suction Mount supports up to 15 lbs and is made with food-grade, environmentally safe silicone. Its utility design is extremely durable and kid-safe (ages 4+). This gadget can accommodate any phone, camera, or tablet.

We stand behind our product. Tenikle 2 includes a 1-year warranty.
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Our past customers have awarded Tenikle a 4.2 star rating overall.

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Product Features +

Supports Up to 15 lbs
Food-grade & environmentally safe silicone
Works with any phone, tablet, or camera
Proprietary utility design
Extremely durable
Kid safe 4+
1 Year replacement warranty
Heat resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Dishwasher safe

Product Specs +

In tripod form:  
6" x 4" x 4"  
Rolled into ball:  
2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
10.5" x 9" x 0.7"
Weight: 6 oz     
Material: High quality silicone 
Max Weight: 15 lbs
Recommended Suction Time: 4 hrs
Designed in California
Patent Granted 

Bend and shape
how you want.

Formable legs allow you to
adjust it into any position.

Wrap and stick

Wrap around objects and
suction to smooth surfaces.

Drive with

Hang, stick, stand. Whatever.
No other car mount can do all this.

Selfie click...

Take photos from 30 ft away
& clip in textured phones
with our Shutterbug kit.

Add the Shutterbug Kit

  • Kit Includes:
  • - Bluetooth Clicker
  • - Phone Clip
  • - GoPro mount
  • - 1/4-20" adapter

Or selfie stick.

Bend it into any accessory.
Including a selfie stick
for 9" of reach.

Forever universal.

Works with any phone case
that has a smooth surface.

If your case is textured, use the clip
included in the Shutterbug Kit.

Roll it up

Take it anywhere.
Fits in a purse or pocket.

Do it your way.

You're the inventor. Find the perfect arrangement for every scenario

Multi-Use Functionality

Bend Tenikle into a tripod, a car mount, a selfie stick, a bike mount, and more... Whatever you need is now in one product.

Quick & Easy Mounting

Strong suction cups and bendable legs allow you to mount your tech virtually anywhere.

Do More — With Less

Suction to smooth, non-porous surfaces. Can your tripod do this?

1 Minute Video

30 Second Video


Tenikle's silicone uni-body design makes it waterproof and indestructible.

Relax & Watch

Don't let your arms get sore holding up your phone. Scroll and watch with ease while Tenikle holds your screens.

Wherever You Need

Mount your phone anywhere with Tenikle to watch or record hands-free.

As Seen In

Pocket Friendly

Roll Tenikle into a little ball at 2.5" diameter. Perfect size for a purse or pocket.

Capture Content Easier

Add an extra 8" of selfie stick reach to record your adventures.

First Class Travel

Perfect for any airplane trip. Watch videos while you travel.

Compatible With






& More


What does Tenikle stick to?

Tenikle can suction to any smooth, non-porous, and non-textured surfaces. Surfaces such as glass, porcelain, fiberglass, smooth and shiny metal or plastic, or other non-textured. Keep the suction cups and mounting surface free of dust or debris.

Will Tenikle stick to my phone case?

Phone cases free of stickers, seams, any any textures will work fine. If your phone case is an Otterbox, leather, fabric or has perforations or grooves, you might want to purchase our Dot Adapters to make it compatible with your phone case. Or you can use the phone clip included in the Shutterbug Kit.

What is your return policy?

Free returns within 60 days of your purchase.

What is the Sunnies Waranty?

Tenikle is virtually indestructible, but we offer a free 1-year warranty. If something happens to your Tenikle after 1 year, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to help.